Sweet Things - Company Message
What is your minimum order size?
No order is too small! Please contact us to discuss what is possible. 
How much do products cost?
  • Chocolate truffles start at $2 each with a variety of packaging options available.
  • Decorated gingerbreads range in price from AUD $2.00 to $6.00 each, depending on the intricacy of the design. This price includes packaging in individual cellophane bags. Additional costs apply for other packaging alternatives. 
  • Make-Your-Own kits start at $30.
  • Please contact us to discuss options and pricing of other products and services. 
How far in advance do I need to place my order?
The more notice, the better. Generally, at least two weeks is appreciated. However depending on how busy we are, it is possible that we may be able to prepare your order within days.
How long will the products keep for?
One of the features that makes our showcase chocolate truffles so special is that they are freshly made. Unlike most chocolate available on the market, Chocsmith truffles contain absolutely nothing artifical - that includes preservatives. They are therefore best consumed as soon as possible from the time of purchase, but will maintain their freshness if kept in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. 

While obviously best consumed closest to baking, gingerbread has a relatively long shelf life if kept in airtight packaging. We recommend consuming decorated gingerbreads within 2 months from the time you receive your order. 
What packaging options do you offer?
Chocolates are always packaged to showcase their simple elegance. A variety of clear-topped boxes and baskets are available depending on your requirements. Arrangements may also be made to display them on a stand for functions.

Most gingerbread items are supplied individually packaged in cellophane bags. These may be heat-sealed or tied with ribbon (your choice of satin, organza or curling ribbon).  Alternatively, a variety of presentation boxes (clear/cardboard/coloured/metallic) are available.  Packaging can be customised to your theme, or can be arranged in an attractive display if your function requires.

Do you deliver?
Delivery within metropolitan Melbourne by negotiation. For orders from further afield, it may be possible to mail depending on the size and frailty of your order. Additional packaging and postage charges will apply. 

My function is still months away. Can you send me a reminder closer to the date? 
Absolutely! If you have seen our products elsewhere and think they would be great for your function, register your details via our Contact Us page and we will get in touch with a reminder call.
Do your products contain any artificial additives?
Absolutely not!  We are very eco-conscious. Our products are made with fresh, high-quality Australian ingredients, sourced locally where possible. Decorations and packaging are the exceptions, although we are currently researching locally produced biodegradable packaging.
What other sweet things can you make?
Wedding and other cakes by negotiation. We love a challenge, so ask away...! 
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